Autumn Hashtags for Schools and Education

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For this blog I have created a list of 30 handpicked Autumn hashtags for Schools and Education. Whether you are a school, nursery or a business selling an educational product, these hashtags will help you to increase the engagement of your social media posts and give you ideas for new content.

As the seasons change, so should your hashtags

Hashtags are constantly evolving to reflect changes in online communities and they do also tend to change as social and national events evolve as well. As the months progress it’s always worth revisiting your hashtag strategy to think of possible changes that could be made to maximise your potential engagement. This could mean using some less popular hashtags which would help your post have longer visibility, or simply just trying out some new ones. It’s a great idea to try and do this on a termly basis when you are planning your content.

optimal hashtag use for different social media platformsUse different hashtags to inspire your content

When you are planning your content, why not use your hashtag lists to provide you with ideas for posts? Take a look at some of these new Autumn hashtags and see if they spark any fresh ideas for your content.

Optimise your hashtags for each platform

Don’t forget that each social media platform has a different set of ‘rules’ for hashtags. For best results you can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram, around 2 or 3 on Twitter, up to 10 on Pinterest and one or two on Facebook if they are targeted and relevant to campaigns you are posting about.

Use hashtags that achieve the best results

When I research new hashtags, I always choose hashtags that aren’t too popular and saturated with existing posts. If you are repeatedly using hashtags that are very general and have a high usage rate, you are more than likely to find that your post will get pushed further down the hashtag feed faster than you can say… well…. hashtag!

The list I have compiled here is more likely to attract engagement as your posts will remain visible within those hashtag searches for longer.

Pick and choose from the following 30 hashtags:

#autumnvibes­čŹü #autumn­čŹé┬á#autumnleaves­čŹé #autumnwatch #autumntrees #coloursofautumn #outdoorlearning #natureplay #inspiredbynature #kidsneednature #learningwithnature #outsidematters #exploringnaturewithchildren #allweatherplay #4seasonsinoneday #raindoesntstopus #raindropsonmywindow #autumnrain #naturaleducation #learningthroughnature #handsonlearning #discoveringnature #pumpkincarvings #pumpkincrafts #naturecrafts #naturecraftsforkids #sensoryplay #invitationtoplay #invitationtolearn #learningatheart

I will be publishing an IGTV video explaining how I research hashtags, why it’s important to use hashtags that aren’t popular, and ways you can use hashtags to increase your engagement.

Follow me on Instagram to watch it later this week!

Hashtag research and is a firm part of the Social Media Strategy service that I offer to schools and businesses. If you would like to find out more about this service click HERE!


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